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Customized Socks


For those who really miss their pets when on vacation (or even just at work for the day), DivvyUp offers a way to bring your dog, cat or bird with you everywhere …

Wooden Coffee Scoop


Certainly better than plastic, and with a more nostalgic warmth than metal, this wooden coffee scoop is available in walnut or maple. It can be personalized on the underside of the bowl …

Personalized Camera Strap


DSLRs are all looking alike these days, so help yours stand out with Viveo’s personalized camera straps. Made from simple, hand-cut strips of leather, the straps can be embellished with a hot-stamped …

Personalized Penny Skateboard


Saltwater Planks has taken a more natural approach to the popular Penny skateboard by swapping out its plastic deck for one made from solid maple. With either black or white trucks, the …

Hand-Painted Bike Helmets


NYC’s Danielle Baskin designs and paints landscapes, video game throwbacks, educational charts and even internet memes and emojis through her one-woman company, Inkwell Helmets, proving the slightly dorky safety precaution is just …

Layflat Photo Album


Offering a beautiful way to remember this summer’s adventures many years into the future is Artifact Uprising’s Layflat Photo Album. Preserve your digital photos in timeless book form, made from professional quality …


Customized Leather Retroflector Bag Tag


Shine a light on these seemingly plain black leather tags in the dark, and see it light up in response through retroflectors. Adding a bit of personalization to this functional accessory, Notcot …