Jamila Woods + Peter CottonTale: WYD (You Got Me)

Singer and poet Jamila Woods teams up with producer, musician and vocalist Peter CottonTale (aka Peter Wilkins) for the languid “WYD (You Got Me)” which will appear on the soundtrack for the upcoming movie SUMMERTIME. The film’s director Carlos López Estrada also helmed the music video, which carries the same leisurely, nostalgic mood as the track.

Peter CottonTale feat. Jamila Woods: Breathe My Name

Peter CottonTale (aka Peter Wilkins) and Jamila Woods link up for “Breathe My Name,” a gentle but lustrous and layered song. The duo have worked together before (Wilkins produced Woods’ 2019 album, Legacy! Legacy!) and their genre-bending styles work together beautifully once again here, with elements of neo-soul, gospel, synth-pop and R&B melding together. Short, sweet and quite ethereal, the song appears on Moog Music’s seven-track …