Bill Cunningham’s Secret Memoir

Legendary fashion photographer Bill Cunningham left behind a somewhat secret memoir which is set to publish later this year. Titled “Fashion Climbing,” the book has been drafted several times, as a few revised versions were discovered in his immense archive. Tracing his childhood obsession with women’s clothing to his service in the Korean War, his work in NYC as a milliner and more, the book …

Photographer Gives Mountains Halos

Photographer Reuben Wu’s latest project “Lux Noctis” gives mountains halos, thanks to his clever use of tech. Using drones and long exposures, Wu creates these angelic details that are inspired by “19th-century sublime Romantic painting and science and fictional imagery.” The halos are the actual drones’ light paths—not added post-production. See more at PetaPixel.

CH25: Latoya Ruby Frazier

Documenting the slow, troubling changes in Braddock, Pennsylvania

For over 12 years, visual artist LaToya Ruby Frazier has been exploring America’s economic future by looking at a present-day microcosm—through a very personal lens. The talented TED Fellow has captured and compiled photos and videos of her hometown Braddock, Pennsylvania, the birthplace of the US steel industry that has fallen victim to corporate irresponsibility, environmental decay, segregation and white flight. Frazier’s photos reveal all …