Tairey feat. Badboxes: Lowlands

Pittsburgh artists Tairey and Badboxes collaborate on a genre-blending burner titled “Lowlands.” Badboxes, aka Harrison Wargo, provides the initial vocals—he sings of full moons, slow dances and the lowlands overtop drums and guitars. Tairey raps a well-written minute-long verse with impressive cadence—initially self-reflective, it slowly turns wiser.

Best of CH 2018: Travel

Destinations, drives and adventures that we still dream about

Circumnavigate the world—time and again—in 365 days. That’s what our editorial team did in 2018. From revisiting old haunts in the USA’s Rust Belt to combatting sandstorms in the Gobi Desert, we approached every destination with wide eyes and curiosity. We flew, drove and hiked our way across the continents and the following stories reflect the diversity of these experiences. We travel because of an …

Inside Pittsburgh’s Newly-Renovated Detective Building

Schoolhouse, The Bureau and Beauty Shoppe now call the landmark property home

Within Pittsburgh‘s Detective Building, blocks from the Ace Hotel, design agency Schoolhouse (who counts the aforementioned hotel as a client) has set up a new retail space—their first in over a decade. Brian Faherty, the brand’s founder, started the business with a bit of good fortune; he discovered a hoard of cast-iron glass shade molds in an abandoned factory and subsequently refurbished them to working condition. The style stuck …