Silly Sushi Nigiri

This plush, smiley sushi toy measures four by seven inches and has passed all ASTM (aka American Society for Testing and Materials) requirements, so is safe for kids aged 12 months and older. With its prawn topping, fluffy white rice body and corduroy feet, this friendly little creature can be paired with a California of Maki roll.


Help your child fall asleep with this encouraging and snuggly toy who sleeps too

Meet the Shnoozle—a plush, delightfully goofy critter designed to make bedtime a little easier on frightened or resistant little ones. The fluffy Shnoozle makes for a soft sleeping companion who through the buddy system demonstrates to your toddler that it’s okay to get a little shut eye after a busy day by closing their own retractable eyelids (the company claims to be the first plushie …