Help your child fall asleep with this encouraging and snuggly toy who sleeps too


Meet the Shnoozle—a plush, delightfully goofy critter designed to make bedtime a little easier on frightened or resistant little ones. The fluffy Shnoozle makes for a soft sleeping companion who through the buddy system demonstrates to your toddler that it’s okay to get a little shut eye after a busy day by closing their own retractable eyelids (the company claims to be the first plushie with such a feature).

Designed with concerned parents in mind, the Shnoozle operates quite simply and has no electronic or plastic parts that can break or accidentally harm a child. Plus, they’re easy to use (or, if you will, get to sleep)—in 2012, the original Shnoozle was recognized by the judges at the Mom’s Choice Awards for its clever construction. Shnoozles come in two bright and sleepy characters—the pink Shah Shah and the light brown Shu Shu—meant to offer a soothing snuggle to tykes who struggle with bedtime due to fear or or rebellion.

Both Schnoozles are available through the Shnoozle website or Amazon for $25 each.

Image courtesy of Shnoozle.