Circular Systems’ Waste-Based, Multi-Purpose Material, AgraLoop BioFibre

A new natural fiber capable of replacing cotton, born from food waste

Circular Systems co-founder and CEO Isaac Nichelson jokes that his company’s newest product, the Agraloop BioFibre, is a treasure crafted from trash. Quite literally, it is. Food waste from a handful of regions enters the Agraloop, where it is worked into fibers and yarn fit for use in clothing, upholstery, paper, packaging and beyond. This system lets the company tap into the seemingly endless stream …

Angie Round Weekender Bag

Pack for your next weekend trip with this deceptively spacious bag. Available in subtle blue or gray, the circular bag expands to fit everything you need for a couple days away. With two interior mesh pockets and extras on the outside, the bag features blue striped lining and is made from durable polyester.

No-Show Socks

Boldly patterned socks that promise to stay put, Taft socks have patterned silicone in the heel for a better grip and come in a variety of colors and patterns for extra fun—even if nobody else will see it.