Porches: Do U Wanna

Accompanying the announcement of a new album, Ricky Music, Porches (aka Aaron Maine) has shared a new song, “Do U Wanna,” and its official music video, directed by frequent collaborator Nick Harwood. The song digs into the isolation of desire and the sensation of feeling unable to pursue what you want. It’s Maine at his best: equal parts compelling and haunting.

Porches: Country

With a rippling, emotive surface underscored by an uncertain eeriness, “Country” is the latest release from Porches, aka Aaron Maine. The brief, potent track steps forward with considered escalation, adding backing vocals by Dev Hynes and Bryndon Cook along the way. Maine and Nicholas Harwood co-directed the music video, which introduces a surprise twist with only seconds left to spare.


Kicking off 2016 with new music from Yeasayer, Rosie Lowe, Busta Rhymes, RJD2 and Porches

Yeasayer: I Am Chemistry Having teased their new album Amen and Goodbye in bite-sized morsels over the holidays, three-member band Yeasayer released the track “I Am Chemistry” with a music video that hands-down wins weirdest of 2016—regardless of what comes in the next 11 months. (Update: Animal Collective’s video for “FloriDada” comes in close second.) Unfolding like an acid trip taking place on an alien …