Amalgam’s Experimental Cherry Reduction Beer

The Denver brewery uses a centuries-old technique to extract deep, complex notes from sour beer, barrels, and fruit

To produce in the traditional ice wine style requires patience. Grapes—while still on the vine—are frozen and subsequently concentrated, as the water within freezes but the sugars do not. When pressed, their juice proves far richer, deeper, and sweeter. Using this centuries-old concept as a starting point, Amalgam Brewing co-owners Eric Schmidt and Phil Joyce sought to replicate a similarly complex and concentrated beer. Beginning with …

The Last Drop 1870 + 1970 Centenario “Old Colheita” Tawny Port Duo

Two rare fortified wines from the same estate, separated by 100 years

There’s no exaggeration when The Last Drop Distillers Limited refer to themselves as “the world’s most exclusive spirits company.” For a decade now, the distributor—which actually does not distill—has sought out, discovered, bottled and shared some of the rarest tipples in history. Founded by spirits experts (and friends) James Espey and Tom Jago—who have since partnered with their daughters Beanie Espey and Rebecca Jago—The Last …

10-Year-Old Tawny Port

You don’t need to know much about Port, a fortified wine, to enjoy what Croft has done with this 10-year-old tawny. Spice and oak flavors (vanilla and caramel) unite beneath the smooth red fruit-driven blended wine base. This is a delight to drink straight, but Port has also been factoring into cocktails recently—and for good reason.