Custom Portrait

Brooklyn-based ceramicist Eleni Kontos crafts custom clay portraits in fun, off-kilter, cartoon styles. Each sculpture features a small hollow body (measuring around four to five inches in height), a detachable topper head and marbled colors the artist dyes herself. Altogether, it’s an endearing, personal gift for a loved one.


Sensual erotica inspired by the muse of René Magritte in the latest issue of the cult fanzine

by Andrea Dicenzo There’s arguably no better place to speak candidly about an erotica magazine than a Parisian cafe. The whispered French and eruptions of laughter, the shuffling of waiters and the clanging of cutlery indicative of the romance of this sexy city—this is where publishers Lucie Santamans, Esthèle Girardet, Geneviève Eliard take us to talk about Irene #4, their cult magazine’s newest edition. Revealed …

Zwelethu Mthethwa: New Works

The South African portraitist's latest exploration of a person's true identity

For his sixth solo show at NYC’s Jack Shainman Gallery, photographer Zwelethu Mthethwa presents three new series of works that continue to establish his role as one of South Africa’s most perceptive portraitists. Born in Durban, the Cape Town-based artist draws on personal reflections when conceiving a new project, but once determined, is wholly dedicated to exposing an individual’s entire identity. “What portraiture is about …