99 Cent Store Postcard

Vanessa Lilak’s bold, colorful illustrations span subject matter, but her postcards all depict couples performing sex acts in various public (sometimes humorous) locations—from a foot clinic at a strip mall to the behemoth Scientology Center in Hollywood. A graphic designer at Capitol Records and a freelance artist, Lilak creates playful works, often drenched in irreverence.

POST’s “Bon Merde” House-Made Hot Sauce Collection

Powerful raw recipes with health benefits and impressive heat

After continuously selling out of the hot sauces they were procuring from a friend, POST owner Bobby Stackleather decided he needed to make his own. The restaurant’s new line of house-made hot sauces—called Bon Merde, French for “good shit”—reflect the creativity and attention you’ll find elsewhere on the Alphabet City restaurant’s menu. Stackleather explains, “Our recipe is totally different and raw. This was something I …

Javi Design Letterbox

The Australian designer brings a sophisticated, minimal style to personal correspondence

While many take careful consideration when choosing a mailbox, finer details are more often than not an afterthought, with most mailboxes conforming to a uniform design that serves a basic function. But if the front door acts as the first impression for the home, then why does the letterbox come post-thought? That is exactly the question that Lee Rodezno of Javi Design sought to address …