Javi Design Letterbox

The Australian designer brings a sophisticated, minimal style to personal correspondence


While many take careful consideration when choosing a mailbox, finer details are more often than not an afterthought, with most mailboxes conforming to a uniform design that serves a basic function. But if the front door acts as the first impression for the home, then why does the letterbox come post-thought? That is exactly the question that Lee Rodezno of Javi Design sought to address when creating a new line of style-conscious letterboxes.


Minimal in design, the Javi Letterbox comes with your home address engraved into unfinished timber that can be painted or stained to match the home, or left uncolored for a touch of stylish essentialism. “We want our range to be accessible to everyone, whether they’re homeowners looking to refresh their front yard, renovators, or residential and commercial property developers,” Rodezno says, noting that the box can stand alone or be incorporated into walls, fences and apartment buildings. Based in the suburbs of Melbourne, Javi committed to producing a totally Australian-made product, using coated Australian steel and wood treated with acetic anhydride to withstand the continent’s harsh range of climates. The Javi Letterbox is also 100% secured by a stainless steel visor and lockable magnetic door, keeping personal correspondence in your hands only.

The Javi Letterbox ($345 AUD) is currently available in Australia and the US.

Images courtesy of Javi Design