OYA Pour Over Set

Made by the staff of POT—a ceramics studio in LA that prioritizes people of color, adult beginners and the LGBTQ+ community—this pink pour-over set is full of levity, featuring a speckled design and a wacky frowny face with eyes made of stars. 100% of the proceeds from purchases of this set go to OYA Studio-Museum in Philadelphia to help Black ceramicists make and acquire art.

How POT Founder Mandy Kolahi is Democratizing the Ceramic Space

An adult beginners-oriented space run by, and intended for, people of color, the queer community and anybody who has ever felt they weren't welcome

This weekend, on 20 March, POT will release founder Mandy Kolahi’s collection of ceramics celebrating Persian New Year—a selection of blue-glazed pieces that perfectly represent the LA studio. Featuring delightfully snide Farsi phrases often uttered in Kolahi’s family (and in the wider Iranian community), this is the type of pottery that traditionally didn’t “belong” in the institution of art, made by an individual who felt …

How to Smoke Pot (Properly): A Highbrow Guide to Getting High

Written by journalist and former West Coast editor of High Times, David Bienenstock, this guide to marijuana isn’t for rookies. Experts will enjoy the deep-dive into all things cannabis—from the plant’s lifecycle, customs, culture, recipes, travel tips and more. Not only super-informative, it’s also funny and compelling.