Handmade Cotton Pan Handle Cover

With 100% cotton exteriors and 100% wool felt linings, The Rise and Fall’s pan handle covers are functional and durable cookware accessories. They come in five different colorways, each with its own distinct pattern. From geometric ochre sawtooth to wavy-lined green, these covers bring some light-hearted designs into the kitchen.

Elevated, Easy-to-Use Kitchen Essentials

Eight items—from the practical to the premier—for your countertops and cabinets

With most of us spending more time cooking at home a look at some new essentials is in order. Covering the basics—a set of pots and pans, essential knives (paring, chef’s and serrated), prep spaces and a flexible indoor grill—is a good place to start. Whether you’re an expert or a rookie, starting afresh, replacing or upgrading, kitchen equipment should be long-lasting, high-quality and easy-to-use, …

East Coast Tinning’s Heirloom Copper Cookware

Coppersmith Jim Hamann develops his signature Duparquet line

While in France about 10 years ago, Jim Hamann and his partner ducked into an antique shop and found a huge stockpile of old copper cookware. They purchased it and Hamann set to fixing it up. He studied, experimented and through repeat effort and refinement, East Coast Tinning was born from his love of the experience. “There are three elements to my business,” Hamann explains …