“2” Print

Brimming with Jeffrey Cheung’s playful style, this riso print features two of the artist, activist and skateboarder’s endearing cast of characters. Pictured are two mustachioed men exchanging smiles over side-by-side urinals, each sporting rosy cheeks—on their faces and derrieres.

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Pulling water from the air, sending art to the moon, raising funds for people in Ukraine and more

New Low-Cost Material Can Pull Buckets of Drinking Water from the Air Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin developed a low-cost gel film that can pull multiple liters of drinking water from the air—even in arid conditions—and release it easily. The material is made up of two common and inexpensive ingredients: konjac gum and cellulose. The gum’s porous structure attracts water from the …

It’s Nice That’s Print Sale For Ukraine

London-based creative platform It’s Nice That has launched an online print sale with 100% of the proceeds being donated to the Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal. More than 15 artists and designers took part in the project (including Jean Jullien, Lily Kong, Mona Chalabi, Naomi Anderson-Subryan, Ram Han and more) and all of them provided their work free of charge. These museum-quality giclée prints, set on …