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An anti-fascist protest track, a thrashing OutKast remix, soulful alt-R&B, dynamic hip-hop and more

The Twilite Tone: Do It Properly The Twilite Tone (aka Anthony Christopher Khan) boasts a long list of collaborators and production clients—including Common, Kanye West, The Gorillaz and Queen Latifah. This month, he released The Clearing as a solo artist. The lead single, “Do It Properly,” begins with a segment of a speech from Dr Khalid Muhammad. “I repurposed the sound byte as a call and …

CocoRosie feat. Irina Anufrieva: GO AWAY!

An anti-fascist anthem featuring Belarusian artist Irina Anufrieva, CocoRosie’s “GO AWAY!” aims to empower all people trapped under dictatorial rule—those in Belarus in particular. Produced by longtime CocoRosie collaborator Dave Sitek, the track’s layers include lyrics in Russian and English, operatic vocals and the sister-duo’s signature distortion. The stark and theatrical music video has been shot, directed and performed by Anufrieva and Bianca Casady.

Listen Up

Another stunner from Run the Jewels, protest music from Raury, a revolutionary jazz throwback and more

Raury: Take Back the Power Atlanta-based recording artist Raury says his call-to-action track “Take Back the Power” could be “the official anthem of the movement.” A constant, thumping drum and a swirling guitar and piano give way to Raury’s lyrics: “Know what you took from me / Know what you stole from me / One day they’ll come for you / And on that day / …