Ancient Celtic Turnip Carvings Paved the Way for Jack-O’-Lanterns

Samhain (which means “summer’s end” in Gaelic) is the ancient pagan festival that ushered in the beginning of winter and the Celtic new year. It also evolved into All Hallow’s Eve, and then Halloween. Centuries ago, it was believed that the veil between life and death was at its thinnest during the transition from October to November, allowing visits from spirits. To ward off unwelcome …

Yayoi Kusama Pumpkin Key Ring

An iconic artwork that’s instantly attributable, Yayoi Kusama’s spotted pumpkin is miniaturized for this key ring. There’s an extra charm attached that features a tiny illustration of Kusama on one side and the words “LOVE FOREVER” on the other. It’s a thoughtful way to carry Kusama’s message of love and world peace with you all the time.

Voodoo Ray’s Halloween Pizzas

The London pizza pub unveils ghoulish pumpkin slices just in time for the holiday and the UK's PBR debut

Dalston’s Voodoo Ray’s is one of the few places in London where you can get NYC-style pizza slices. Constantly playing around with flavor combinations and inventing new pie variations, the joint has a loyal following and there’s always two or three special pizzas on its menu board. For Halloween, it has upped the ante with pumpkin-based pizzas as it unveils its new Meat Massacre and …