Fertility Form Illuminated Sculpture

Straddling the line between fine art and functional design, Rogan Gregory’s Fertility Form illuminated sculptures make abstract reference to the organic shapes found in steps toward the creation of life—from sexual intercourse to the fertilization of cells and more. Gregory transforms this inspiration into branching, custom-made light fixtures crafted from gypsum. Price is available upon request.

Porky Hefer: Heart of Lightness

The wildly imaginative South African creative questions preconceptions with a captivating solo show at New York’s R & Company

In the same way that Joseph Conrad’s renowned 1902 novella “Heart of Darkness” starts on water, so does South African artist/designer Porky Hefer’s new solo show, “Heart of Lightness.” But whereas the book begins aboard a ship on the River Thames, Hefer’s own African narrative launches with a life-sized leather conch shell resting on a swatch of teal blue paint covering the floor of TriBeCa’s …

The Haas Brother’s “King Dong Come” at R & Company

An exhibition of otherworldly creatures in sculptural form

Exceptional exhibitions are often entirely transportive; removing attendees from normalcy and delivering them to otherness. It can be done subtly, of course, but the route artistic duo The Haas Brothers have taken with “King Dong Come” is anything but. This whimsical immersive experience finds guests cast in a wonderland of character design, complete with flora and fauna. Here, one will find “Where the Wild Things …