Mura Masa feat. slowthai: Deal Wiv It

Punk-inspired electronic producer Mura Masa and UK rapper slowthai (aka Tyron Frampton) collide for “Deal Wiv It,” an unapologetic tune about how to respond to someone who tells you that you’ve changed. The chorus, comprised of chopped vocal samples (slowthai repeating the song’s title), leads into verses backed by a thumping bass and filtered guitar. It’s a slight deviation for both artists, but the collaboration …

Gang Starr: Bad Name

Unlike many posthumous releases—particularly those within the hip-hop genre—Gang Starr’s One of the Best Yet neither stretches the late Guru’s raps too thinly, nor gives in to sentimentality. The duo (Guru aka Keith Elam, and DJ Premier aka Christopher Martin) was founded in the late ’80s and is widely considered one of the most influential rap groups ever (despite lack of broad commercial success). From the record, “Bad Name” blends Premier’s signature style (using short samples and plenty of boom-bap) with Guru’s effortless vocals. Premier started working on the album (apparently with Guru’s urn in the studio) in 2017, some 14 years after the duo disbanded and seven years after the rapper passed away. The 16-track album is officially released tomorrow.

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Clipping: All In Your Head

Off the trio’s most recent album, There Existed an Addiction to Blood (out 18 October on Sub Pop), Clipping’s (aka LA-based rapper Daveed Diggs and producers William Hutson and Jonathan Snipes) “All In Your Head” references the horrorcore genre, while being both enthralling and unabashedly artistic. There are moments of spoken word samples, chaotic and glitching drums and bass, and then a gospel-like breakdown that ushers …