Rapha Launches Mountain Biking Apparel

The English brand branches out into performance trail wear for the first time

When Rapha initially launched back in 2004, most other road cycling kits looked like they copied cereal box graphics, and many cyclists would mine thrift stores for ancient, wool Faema espresso jerseys from the 1960s. Thankfully, along came the London-based brand, with its elan for decidedly subtle style and carefully tailored sportswear. Ever since, brands and designers (from the athletic realm to the auto industry) …

Winter Gloves

With a subtle pink stripe across the merino wool cuff, Rapha’s winter gloves are otherwise entirely black. These cozy but durable (and water-resistant) gloves provide insulation on the back of the hand, while the abrasion-resistant suede palm features padding for comfort. Inside, they are fleece-lined for warmth. Rapha also offers free repairs on their products.

Waterproof Rear Pack

Designed to attach beneath your bike’s saddle, Rapha’s waterproof rear pack features enough straps to remain tightly fastened and a clever design that balances (and transfers) weight during rides. With a 15-liter capacity, the pack affords ample room for necessities and its PU-coated polyester fabric (along with welded seams and aquaguard zips) means it’s entirely waterproof.