BDDW Ping Pong Table

Designer Tyler Hays expands his Oddities collection with high-end, hardwood fun

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Channeling the ethos of the legendary Dieter Rams, designer Jared Spool said, “Good design, when it’s done well, becomes invisible,” and though he is primarily concerned with the digital aspect as a UX engineer and expert, the maxim can certainly be expanded, in a sense, to the realm of furniture. It’s not that there’s anything “invisible” on the BDDW Ping Pong Table—to the contrary, the …

Dirk Vander Kooij’s Diffuser Cabinet

The innovative Dutch designer mathematically stacks 1,000 pieces of wood to create a puzzle-like storage structure that optimizes sound

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At first glance, Dutch designer Dirk Vander Kooij’s Diffuser Cabinet resembles a 110cm-high Jenga Tower. Disguised as a visually intriguing, textural and seemingly random pile of wooden blocks, the tower actually serves as a multifunctional object for optimal acoustics and hidden storage. There’s nothing random about the Diffuser Cabinet’s complex and highly calculated construction. Vander Kooij embarked on the journey to create the tiny run …

Interview: Mike Beary of Zocalito

Together with The Macallan we celebrate all things rare, including this Aspen chef's chilhuacles, painstakingly sourced from Oaxaca

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Like its fungal brethren fetching five figures at auction, the world’s rarest chillies don’t look like much to behold. But should you get the privilege of tasting one, you’re likely to become a rapid devotee. To learn more about the rare negro chilhuacle, and its number one champion, we spoke with chef Mike Beary, who imports and uses the chiluacles exclusively at his restaurant Zocalito, …