Cool Hunting Video: Icon Derelict

We return to LA to check out the latest in the auto shop's Derelict series of reborn automobiles

A few years ago, we profiled the ICON 4X4 Bronco on a trip to Los Angeles. For our Rare Discoveries Series with
The Macallan, we returned to Jonathan Ward’s exceptional shop to explore the journey of one of his newer projects: the Derelict Series. Ward—never one to set a common goal—has spent the last several years collecting and revamping American classics. He takes these vintage beauties to the next level by completely modernizing their underbellies while maintaining their natural patina.
ICON was started by Jonathan in response to the demand for collectable cars with modern performance, and so he began piecing together one-of-a-kind autos from a carefully curated set of the best of the old and the new in car history.