Blossom Paddle

In collaboration with French illustrator Marylou Faure, the playful brand Art of Ping Pong created Blossom, a whimsical paddle in line with Faure’s cheeky and colorful graphics. The paddle, carved from FSC certified Ebiara wood, features different floral patterns on each face and a concave handle. Paired with the Blossom ball and ZigZiag Blossom convertible table, this paddle completes a spirited, joyous table tennis set. …

Surf Sister’s Welcoming, Inclusive School in Tofino, Canada

This all-women team teaches all genders, ages and skill levels every day of the year

In November, the average temperature of the water in Tofino is 50 degrees, and it rains a lot—more than any other month. But for these reasons, November is actually one of the best times to visit the island and the surf capital of Canada. “One of the brilliant things about here is that when it’s sunny, it’s epic and there’s so much stuff to do,” …

Ping Pong Table

BDDW has constructed a ping pong table for the sophisticated table tennis fanatic. Natural finished wood with white leg accents and an oh-so-slightly weathered leather net make for an upgrade to your typical green fiber board parlor game. Allow 16 weeks for completion.