EVERYBODY.WORLD Takes on “Less is More” Style

An LA-based brand with a unique approach to an industry of excess

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LA-based EVERYBODY.WORLD is doing something not many fashion brands are willing or able to do: simplifying and reducing their wares to the basics. That by no means results in lower quality goods or basic garb nobody wants to wear—rather it’s the makings for a pared-back but still stylish collection of apparel. To boot, everything is made sustainably and ethically. We spoke with founders Iris Alonzo …

Cooking with Caviar, Simply

By using such a potent ingredient, you can reduce the traditional number of ingredients in these dishes

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For many home cooks, simple recipes (preferably those that can be completed in under 20 minutes) with 10 or fewer ingredients can be the smartest and easiest approach. This involves seeking out flavor-packed ingredients that are guaranteed to impress dinner guests with minimal effort. One of those ingredients happens to be caviar, because anything with a dollop of caviar on it seems endlessly chic, timeless, …

Less-is-More Beauty Products

With fewer than 10 ingredients, these potions are pared-back but luxurious

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While many equate luxury with opulence, this isn’t oftentimes the case. The beauty industry has long been one of excess—not only in terms of the number of products available, but also regarding the ingredients. Recently though, instead of products containing countless chemicals (many of which are almost impossible to pronounce, let alone identify) there has been a welcome push to strip back lotions and potions, …