Marchi Architects’ Woodhouse 2.0 for Long Island

With a radial footprint, Woodhouse 2.0, by Paris-based design studio Marchi Architects, coils into the forested topography of New York’s Long Island. The residential proposal employs timber and texture materials to lend warmth within. The open-concept design, undisturbed circulation and ample window space embrace natural light, a hidden central courtyard and the woods outside, too. See more images at designboom.

Exploring American Copper Buildings’ Three-Story Skybridge

Two dancing NYC towers connected at the hip by a pool with exquisite views

In the ever-changing New York City skyline, one dual-tower residential skyscraper features a curious and highly uncommon attribute that warrants extra attention. Connecting the American Copper Buildings is the first new skybridge NYC has seen in 80 years. The three-story addition stretches 100 feet between the dancing buildings, 300 feet up from the ground. Inside, one finds a handful of unexpected attributes and design fit …

Timmerhuis, Rotterdam

The iconic building reimagined by architects, city government, a construction firm and a car company

The Dutch city of Rotterdam is perhaps the perfect place for an architect who wants to explore what can be done in the field of green housing. Rotterdam—which was bombed heavily during the Second World War—has little architectural heritage to protect. This led to a slew of new, innovative buildings in the city, as architects have more freedom to create and experiment without being bound …