Maiden Home

Made-in-USA furniture in an unusually pain-free online shopping experience

Newcomer furniture brand Maiden Home sticks out from the well-known names we’ve grown up with, tackling a pretty difficult industry to enter. The e-commerce company offers made-to-order, customizable furniture built in the US at a price point you wouldn’t typically see. The company’s aim is to offer affordable furniture, with much less stress—not an easy task when it’s an online experience. Founder Nidhi Kapur felt …

Roadster Scoot

With the clean lines associated with the zippiest vintage European race cars, Restoration Hardware’s Roadster Scoot for kids is a beautiful toy car—that allows children between the ages of two and four to get behind the wheel and power it along. It’s pedal-free (meaning it’s foot-powered) and comes with padded seating, a working steering wheel and silver-walled rubber tires. Altogether, it’s a smooth and beautiful …

1920s German Light Bulb Voltage Tester Bar

Restoration Hardware has replicated a 1920s-era lightbulb tester found in Germany and turned it into a bar cart for the vintage-industrial-minded decorator with a penchant for booze. The Sputnik-shaped iron orb hinges open to reveal bottle shelves, hooks for glassware and a wine rack, or you can open a small hatch for a quick grab.