A3 Wall Calendar

Kaleidoscopic and bright, the A3 Wall Hanger is a risograph printed calendar from Gabriella Marcella’s design and print studio, Risotto. Made in Glasgow from recycled paper, this calendar bursts with vibrant hues for each month and uses ombré to emphasize the weekend and the lunar phases. Price is in Pounds.

Weekly Desktop Planner

Risotto’s weekly desktop planner comes in a spacious A3 size and emphasizes visibility. Each page has space for three different activities—in the morning, afternoon, and evening—as well as a shopping list, song of the week, coffee tally, tic-tac-toe game, notes for the following week and more. Super-colorful and covered in playful illustrations, it’s likely to keep motivation high. Price is in Pounds.

2019 Calendars and Planners

Whether artful and hanging or functional and anchored, 11 tools for scheduling support

Scheduling and planning aren’t necessarily two of the most appealing exercises, but there’s no better feeling than being on top of the game. While many of us use digital calendars, there’s something to be said for a real-life planner—be it mounted on a wall, placed on your desk or carried with you. Whether tearing away pages each month or ticking off your completed tasks, the …