2019 Calendars and Planners

Whether artful and hanging or functional and anchored, 11 tools for scheduling support

Scheduling and planning aren’t necessarily two of the most appealing exercises, but there’s no better feeling than being on top of the game. While many of us use digital calendars, there’s something to be said for a real-life planner—be it mounted on a wall, placed on your desk or carried with you. Whether tearing away pages each month or ticking off your completed tasks, the satisfaction of a tangible calendar is undeniable. Here we have selected some of our favorites for 2019 to help keep you motivated, inspired and organized throughout the year.

Ewa Lefmann 2019 Calendar 

Featuring collages and illustrations inspired by the seasons, Ewa Lefmann’s 2019 calendar is a simple but artful spiral-bound date keeper. The day-to-day boxes are just big enough to accommodate a few activities and a notes section on the right margin leaves room for additional comments. Price is in Pounds.

Formosa Perpetual Wall Calendar 

This Enzo Mari-designed calendar is from the early ’60s (when it was created for Danese Milano) and is a timeless example of forward-thinking design. With bold red and white lithographed PVC cards, it’s retro, but not kitsch and will look striking in your office, kitchen or studio space.

Dog Eat Dog 2019 Calendar 

Where the pooch-lover meets the design enthusiast, one will find The Gourmand’s 2019 Dog Eat Dog calendar. With 12 portraits of “culinarily-named canines” (including Marzipan, Radish, Beans and more), the calendar’s creative direction was helmed by The Gourmand team. In addition to the visual delight, 100% of the proceeds go to Mayhew—a British animal welfare organization that’s been doing good things for over 100 years.

Lunar Calendar 

Featuring a reproduction of Katheren Belle’s hand-drawn ink graphics, this lunar calendar from Schoolhouse is an easy tool to the track the days of the year and the phases of the moon. Through vertical formatting, the calendar displays all 365 days at once, with clarity. All the while, it’s simply beautiful to look at.

ALVA Annual Journal 

Minimal but meticulously organized, the ALVA journal will help you plan out each day of 2019. Featuring pages for notes and contacts, as well as yearly, weekly and monthly overviews, all your scheduling is covered. Measuring 148mm by 210mm, it’s easy to carry with you. Price is in Danish kroner.

Transformation Set 

This set—which includes a calendar, notebook and bookmark that doubles as a ruler—is made from eco-friendly tinted paper in format A6. There’s room for notes, scheduling and transformation. With colorful pages and striking graphics, it’s sure to offer some motivation for the year.

Everything Desk Planner 

Ultimately versatile, this desk planner from Poketo features perforated sections—including an ideas pad, a weekly schedule and to-do list. Tear away notes and bring them with you, or keep it all anchored at your desk. Bonus: this planner is made from eco-friendly, tree-free paper.

Maria Midttun Calendar 

Handmade with riso-printed drawings and collages and limited to 50 copies, Maria Midttun’s 2019 calendar is a lavender-hued schedule keeper with the nicest details. Saturdays are marked in a contrasting pink tone, a purple coil keeps it spiral-bound and the pages are printed on 170gsm Munken Pure paper (a thicker, heavier weight paper). Price is in Pounds.

Perpetual Wall Calendar 

Crafted from raw chipboard, maple wood, brass and grosgrain ribbon, TAIT Design Co’s Perpetual Calendar is forever. By using a rotating month and day dial, this calendar can be used every year. Its minimalist, vintage-inflected design is unobtrusive, making it a formidable option for any studio or workspace.

A2 Wall Calendar 

Printed on 100% FSC recycled paper, this big A2 calendar from Risotto Studio is bright, bold and sure to motivate some creative juices. With icons and patterns included for various events, it’s part art print and part organizer. Price is in Pounds.

Japanese 2019 Calendar 

Screen-printed by hand just for Best Made, this 2019 calendar offers more than a daily panner—there are weather predictions, moon phases, astrological information and much more. While it’s covered in Japanese, there’s a handy reference key for those who aren’t fluent, and the result will please design enthusiasts.