Intuition Spray

Whether preparing a meditation space, getting ready for yoga or simply looking to cultivate more mindfulness, Intuition Spray’s earthy notes and light citrus scents help awaken the senses for more empowering rituals. Like all of Sage and Salt’s sprays, the blend is made with responsibly harvested herbs.

Meditation Cushion + Mat Set

Made in Brooklyn with memory foam and a natural buckwheat fill, this two-piece set from Walden provides comfortability as well as ankle and knee support during meditative practice. It’s finished with a modern, sleek design using a premium moisture-resistant fabric. Available in a range of colors, the cushion and mat thoughtfully craft an ideal place for reflection.

Air Eau de Parfum

Air Company‘s proprietary technology transforms excess carbon in the air into refined vodka, sustainable fuel and now, the unique fragrance: Air Eau de Parfum. Subtle and versatile, the scent is inspired by the elements, blending top notes of citrus and fig leaf for Earth, tobacco for the Sun and and jasmine and sweet-water for oceans and air. Each is beautifully balanced, resulting in a complex, …