Dream Spray

Made with tinctures of mugwort, Pacific dogwood, peppermint, holy basil and California poppy, Dream Spray promotes sleep, relaxation and (as its name implies) dreams. Each ingredient comes from ethically gathered and organically cultivated plants, and the formula also includes essential oils, grain alcohol and water. Simply spritz onto pillows before bed to encourage restful slumber or even on clothing to support meditation and creativity.

OG Room Spray

Rather than mask the smell of cannabis smoke, Veil’s OG Room Spray eliminates burnt terpene molecules in the air. This concoction is comprised of all-natural, non-toxic essential oils and boasts subtle notes of sweet orange and black pepper with a layer of Virginia cedar. Delightful and light, the room spray (which comes in an eight-ounce bottle) is also colorless, so it won’t stain fabrics.

The Melodist Aroma Set

Featuring the brand’s popular Post-Poo Drops, along with their Olous Aromatique Room Spray and Body Cleansing Soap Slab, Aesop’s “The Melodist” set aims to alleviate unwanted scents from people and the places they visit—as all are in travel-safe sizes. One of five new sets, “The Melodist” is housed within a reusable tan amenities case that’s wrapped in an illustration of Euterpe by artist Giovanni Garcia-Fenech.