Studio Visit: nanimarquina

We explore the Barcelona space with the brand's founder and head designer

“A rug always makes you feel home.”

Design Indaba 2017: Sankara Rugs

Nkuli Mlangeni's graphically modern textiles untangle a diminishing handicraft to win the festival's Most Beautiful Object in South Africa award

Tying together the world’s artisanal past and millennial future is multidisciplinary designer Nkuli Mlangeni, who, at this year’s Design Indaba festival, took home the award for Most Beautiful Object in South Africa with her graphically modern Sankara Rugs. Mlangeni grew up in Kagiso, a township in the Gauteng Province outside of Johannesburg, but spent three years studying social innovation and entrepreneurship in Bern, Switzerland, as …

Emily Forgot’s “Neverland” Exhibition at KK Outlet Gallery, Shoreditch

Colorful, architectural assemblages and a sculptural chair rising to the sky

It’s a bold move to invoke the mythical name of Neverland. For many, it already brings substantial associations pertaining to youth and imagination. And yet, graphic artist Emily Forgot (a moniker adopted by multidisciplinary artist and designer Emily Alston) delivers upon all that is implied with her “Neverland” solo exhibition, opening Thursday at Shoreditch’s KK Outlet Gallery. Colorful, structural wooden assemblage pieces, supported by a …