Saint Etienne: Magpie Eyes

A first single from a new Saint Etienne album since 2012, “Magpie Eyes” stands as a joyful, catchy return for the English dance rock troupe. There’s a signature dreamy vibrance encapsulating all-too-sweet but relatable lyrics. The band’s forthcoming album Home Counties releases on 2 June and Saint Etienne will be embarking on a UK tour starting in May and hitting the US in September.

Highlights From Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne

In its 10th year, the festival explores the ever-changing state of technology, work and society

Located in the south east of France, the coal mining city of Saint-Etienne launched the Biennale Internationale Design 20 years ago. The 10th iteration recently opened (and will run through early April). Within, one will find an exploration of the concept of change. This theme, officially “Shifting Work Paradigms” was chosen by Olivier Peyricot, Scientific Director of the Biennale and Director of the Research Department …