Taiwanese American writer Elaine Hsieh Chou’s debut novel, Disorientation, is a sharp, nuanced portrait of navigating relationships and institutions as an Asian American woman. Told through a quick-witted, satirical whodunnit, the novel follows the journey of PhD student Ingrid Yang when she uncovers a secret related to her thesis that quickly unravels her life. With gripping surrealism and pertinent characterizations, Chou captures the specific experiences plaguing …

Interview: Artist Polly Nor

We speak with the London-based illustrator ahead of her devilish, empowering exhibition "Sorry Grandma"

Polly Norton’s female characters are as 21st century as they come: fun-loving, unabashedly sexual, and doing whatever the hell they want—whether that is hanging out with devils, being devils, lazily sex surfing, or having some fun with lava lamps. The illustrator, who goes by Polly Nor, often uses nude and pastel hues to depict her characters, which seem equally vulnerable and strong. Each is drawn …

The Fantod Pack

Read your (mis)fortune today with The Fantod Pack, Edward Gorey’s dark, but humorous, illustrated spoof on tarot cards. An interpretation booklet unlocks the meaning of Gorey’s trademark macabre sketches—each a miniature work of art—of symbols like the Waltzing Mouse (vertigo, loss of jewelry, morbid cravings) to the Tunnel (sexual disturbance, boredom, an irrational project and more).