Interview: Artist Polly Nor

We speak with the London-based illustrator ahead of her devilish, empowering exhibition "Sorry Grandma"

Polly Norton’s female characters are as 21st century as they come: fun-loving, unabashedly sexual, and doing whatever the hell they want—whether that is hanging out with devils, being devils, lazily sex surfing, or having some fun with lava lamps. The illustrator, who goes by Polly Nor, often uses nude and pastel hues to depict her characters, which seem equally vulnerable and strong. Each is drawn …

Cartoonists Honor Charlie Hebdo

Following the tragic attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday, illustrators all over the world came to the support of their peers with some doodles of their own. While some are new and some are reruns of older cartoons, all are incredibly relevant to the recent events. Demilked has rounded up 29 of these thoughtful, creative tributes.

Interview: Eric Yahnker

The LA-based artist on his satirical work, his philosophy and what it's like to kiss a skeleton

Los Angeles-based artist and former South Park animator Eric Yahnker is known for his highly skilled, large-scale drawings that use humor as a platform for his social and political views. In his current exhibition—called “Ebony & Benghazi”—currently on display at Ambach and Rice, Yahnker continues his satirical commentary on Western culture. CH took advantage of the rare opportunity to bring out some coveted original Polaroid …