Spicier Smoke Hot Sauce

Like Shaquanda herself—a drag queen and founder of the eponymous company—the Spicier Smoke hot sauce is a fiery showstopper. Measuring at 25,000 Scoville heat units, this condiment is hot without compromising flavor. By using whole ingredients like onion, roasted red pepper, mustard turmeric and habanero, and eliminating fillers and starches, Spicier Smoke delivers well-rounded seasoning that brings some undeniable flair to the table.

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Noma Launches an Ancient Condiments Line

Copenhagen culinary beacon Noma will release their first line of products, aptly named Noma Projects, later this year. Imagined by iconoclastic chef René Redzepi, this collection of garum condiments—which are, perhaps unsurprisingly from this institution, ancient fermented sauces with roots in the Roman Empire—will be vegan and vegetarian. They were selected from hundreds of variations of misos, vinegars and more, all under development at the …