Hawt Sauce by Holloway Kitchen

London-based Telegramme spice it up with sumptuous packaging for the newly-released, small-batch condiment


Made from just 10 ingredients, Hawt Sauce is the result of a year’s experimentation and is the very first product to emerge from Adam Brooks’ start-up culinary enterprise, Holloway Kitchen. “It’s unusual in that it’s very thick, almost like a salsa,” he says. “The idea is that it’s more versatile than your average hot sauce—it’s just as at home topping burgers as it is stirred into casseroles or used as a dip.”

Just as unusual as its consistency is this hot sauce’s gorgeous packaging: It comes bottled in 250ml milk bottle-style glass jars which are wrapped and string-tied in a two-sided, screen-printed paper wrap that displays not only the ingredients and serving suggestions but even a recipe to make the Hawt Sauce-adorned Holloway Kitchen Ultimate Burger.

hawt-sauce-2.jpg hawt-sauce-3.jpg

“Adam from Holloway Kitchen initially approached me to produce a logo for his sauce,” explains Bobby Evans of Telegramme Studio, the designer behind the packaging. “But after receiving a sample, I decided to go one better and team up to release this exclusive edition through my General Store online shop as the first in an ongoing series of collaborations.”

The idea with these collaborations, Evans tells us, is to give his studio the opportunity to create products they couldn’t create on its own, and also “to give us as much freedom as possible to push our own design and illustration skills and experiment away from the eagle eye and set brief of commercial client-led work. On this project, for example,” he continues, “Adam gave me full reign to produce what I saw fit to work best for his sauce and, in essence, create my dream hot sauce packaging.”

hawt-sauce-5.jpg hawt-sauce-4.jpg

Evans also explained his design approach—a move away from what he describes as a generic world of “messy, macho, low quality hot sauce label design,” featuring visual and literal puns based around the idea of fiery heat. “Usually a hot sauce bottle label will claim to be hot enough to melt faces with extreme fire power and the accompanying visual references invariably include devils, bombs, fire etc,” says Evans. “We wanted Hawt Sauce to stand out against all of these—from the shape of the bottle through to the tone of the accompanying information; offering the customer uses for the sauce other than to prove your tolerance to an onslaught of chili firepower.”

Only 50 bottles have been made and each will be dispatched with a charming A4, two-color screen-print, also by Telegramme. Find Hawt Sauce at the Telegramme Studio store for £15.

Images courtesy of Holloway Kitchen