Testpack: Discover Your New Scent

Comprising five tester-sized (1ml) perfume oils, the Testpack from UNIFROM is a practical way to explore the fragrance house’s divine scents before committing to one. Inspired by multicultural high-rise urban living and founded by Haisam Mohammed, UNIFROM conceptualizes perfumes in Stockholm, develops them in Paris and manufactures them in Grasse. The five-pack includes Dawn, Bliss, Limbo, Cassis and Maghrib—which span scents from smoky and woody …

Spirulina Botanical Bar

The Spirulina Botanical Bar is a thoughtfully fragrant and nourishing product from scent and skincare line Redoux NYC. Weaving lavender, ylang ylang, palmarosa and eucalyptus essential oils, the aroma evokes bathhouses and their cleansing properties. Meanwhile, spirulina helps diminish acne and support collagen production, and rice milk, a centuries-old Chinese and Korean ingredient for skincare, fights inflammation.

Arzach Incense

From Melbourne, Australia-based, alien-themed incense brand Agaric Fly comes the Arzach set of 15 hand-dipped incense sticks with a fragrance that blends clary sage, white tea and labdanum. Agaric Fly’s in-house scents incorporate natural oils and aroma molecules to create relaxing moments that feel almost otherworldly.