A Kids Book About Your Microbiome

From Ara Katz—co-founder of Seed, the company pioneering bacteria for human and planetary health—this children’s book is an enlightening and accessible look into the benefits of microbes. Beautifully designed in Portland, Oregon, A Kids Book About Your Microbiome will teach kids about what a microbiome is, what it does, how we can help them and why we can’t live without them.

Unique Science-Themed Quilts by PaleGray Labs

Complex blanket designs featuring the periodic table, Pi, and even molecule diagrams of melatonin, THC and Ambien

When an animated film creator and science author join forces with a monster-sized robot quilting machine experimental embroidery emerges upon their blankets. Nina Paley (writer and director of “Sita Sings the Blues”) and Pop Sci columnist Theodore Gray use their unique skills to create quilts that display the entire periodic table, for example, as well as a design that beautifully displays more than 100 digits …