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Scientists Manipulate Quantum Light

For the first time, scientists have manipulated quantum light by identifying and effecting single photons (aka light particles) in an experiment that draws from Albert Einstein’s 1916 theory of stimulated emission. The …

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Converting Air Into Electricity

Scientists from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia have discovered an enzyme called Huc converts air into electrical energy. With the potential to create limitless clean energy, the enzyme (which is found in …

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How Ancient Roman Concrete Self-Heals

The durability of ancient Roman structures has long been a mystery to scientists who have sought to determine how early concrete endured for over two millennia. A new study resolves the enigma, …

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Paleontologists Discover a Swimming Dinosaur

In Mongolia’s Gobi Desert, scientists discovered the bones of a previously unknown dinosaur species, Natovenator polydontus, the first and only dinosaur found that had specific adaptions suited for swimming. Hailing from prehistoric Mongolia …

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World’s Oldest Fossilized Brain Discovered

A 525-million-year-old fossil of an extinct worm-like animal known as the Cardiodictyon catenulum was first discovered in China in 1984, but only recently have scientists found that the barely half-an-inch animal has …