Winter Skin + Hair Essentials

Scrubs, serums, potions and lotions that combat the effects of cold weather

Between the icy, harsh wind outside and the drying effects of heating indoors, winter weather can wreak havoc on skin and hair—resulting in irritation, inflammation, itchiness, dullness, weakness and beyond. While plenty of these issues can be aided with improving one’s diet and hydration inside the body, there are also countless products that can help buff, puff, nourish and soothe on the outside. Here we …

Vixen Body Oil

Crafted using sunflower, safflower and avocado oil, Jade & Fox Co’s luxuriant and fragrant Vixen Body Oil doubles as a moisturizer and perfumer. The food-grade ingredients within lend nutrients to skin—and even offer natural SPF. Though sold out, anyone interested can join the mailing list to learn when the product will return.

Vitamin C Superserum

Bottled in an entirely oxygen-free environment means all the ingredients in Protocol’s Vitamin C Superserum remain protected and preserved, which is crucial in keeping them powerful and potent—especially when vitamin C is involved. Futher, the bottles themselves are clinical-grade and don’t let any air in as you use them, so the serum stays fresh and functional. Along with natural oils and fruit extracts, the therapeutic …