Bump Jug

Tom Dixon is known for eccentric designs and playful iterations of everyday objects, and his glorious Bump Jug is no exception. With a high-arching handle, tall spout, and curves for days, it’s a charming design. (Not to mention its dreamy, translucent pink and grey hues). This vessel can hold 750ml and does so with style.

Diesel Living + Seletti Love Space and Machines

Taking the boredom out of tableware, one plate at a time

Diesel Living‘s continuous collaboration with fellow Italians, design company Seletti, have resulted in fun (with undercurrents of dark and industrial) tableware that sparks wonder in the everyday ritual of eating. “Cosmic Diner” saw salt and pepper grinders shaped like ’60s and ’70s rockets, glasses blown and tinted to evoke meteorites, and mesmerizing planet and moon porcelain plates akin to wall artwork. The mechanics-inspired “Machine” includes …

Form Jug

Self-taught British designer Tom Dixon stirs up nostalgia for afternoon tea rituals with his golden six-piece Form Tea Set that includes a teapot, tea caddy, sugar dish, jug, a handleless milk jug and tray. The Form Jug, made from spun brass then dipped in gold wash for a slight matte look, holds the liquid refreshment of your choice. The handle is wrapped in leather for …