Union Surfboards

Shaping custom surfboards for New York City's dedicated surfing community

Founded by Chris Williams and Jeff Schroeder, Union Surfboards is a small custom board company based in Brooklyn, NY. Focused on making unique boards that are specifically crafted to each individual, Union Surfboards aims to make sure each customer achieves the best ride possible. Williams walked us through the shaping process and gave us a lesson on the basics of surfboard construction.

Interview: Almond Surfboards’ Dave Allee

We chat with the founder of the Californian company about shaping and building their boards and their future

by Kohl Crecelius In a world obsessed with the idea of more, Almond Surfboards has been able to carve out a niche within surfing that is both meaningful and intentional. Located in Newport Beach, CA, Almond’s young team has focused the scope of their work to create a recognizable identity and reputation for quality. Dave Allee—who began shaping Almond boards in 2007 and opened their …