Grain’s “Clover” Collection Reveals the Playfulness and Sustainability of Cork

Accountability to the planet lies at the heart of this new range, on view at NYC's Colony

Comprising a series of floral-shaped side and coffee tables made from renewable and carbon positive cork, Clover is an elegant and playful execution of sustainable furniture—but it’s also much more. Crafted by Chelsea and James Minola’s Washington-based design practice, Grain, and debuting in NYC at Jean Lin’s design co-op, Colony (on display until 30 September), the collection weaves together innovative materials and technological research while paying tribute …

Splat Side Table

Jaunty and rounded, the Splat Side Table successfully plays with conventional furniture design. It’s made by Brooklyn-based designer Sophie Collé, whose practice encompasses her love of queerness, toys and the dramatic. Available in different heights and a range of colorful and classic hues, the side table stuns on its own or can be stacked alongside others for whimsical combinations.

Wood Stool

From Avocado Green Mattress, this classic timber stool is full of whimsical curves—but it’s more than a playful side table, it’s also a testament to sustainable luxury. Crafted exclusively from upcycled and durable beechwood at their factory in Los Angeles, the stool stems from the brand’s Zero Waste collection and is finished with non-toxic materials and eco-friendly wood stains.