Summer Hair and Skincare Essentials

Refreshing serums, nourishing lotions with sun protection, frizz-foiling masks and more

For many people, slathering on oils and lotions in the colder months likely feels more finessed than weighing down one’s skin and hair in the sweltering summer heat. Still, the warmer months present specific circumstances that are necessary to address, from intense UV rays to humidity causing frizz. Some of the following products are crucial for health, while others are more about aesthetics, but all are effective …

Winter Skin and Hair Essentials

Buffing bars, balms, scrubs and serums to combat the effects of cold weather

While certainly not the most diabolical of weather-related woes, skin and hair issues brought on by icy winds, snowstorms, indoor heating and more can be bothersome, uncomfortable and unsightly. First and foremost, it’s crucial to hydrate from the inside (drinking enough water cannot be overstated); using humidifiers and avoiding super-hot showers can also help. There are also countless lotions and potions—some of which we list here—that can …

Yaupon Tea Glow-Awakening Moisturizer

New from clean skincare brand Volition, the Yaupon Tea Glow-Awakening Moisturizer invigorates skin while simultaneously soothing and nourishing it. With Bakuchiol (a naturally derived retinol) to help increase collagen production, the potion’s hero ingredient is Yaupon Holly (a caffeinated plant that’s native to North America) which brightens and energizes skin. With an almost gel-like consistency, this moisturizer feels light, gentle and fresh upon application.