Interview: Artist Katherine Bernhardt on Her Slimy Collaboration with NYC’s Sloomoo Institute

The talented painter's tropical goop benefits three mental health charities

Artist Katherine Bernhardt—whose gestural, colorful and playful pieces feature a cast of nostalgic characters and iconography painted in a deliciously digestible way with drippy paint and broad strokes—teamed up with the Sloomoo Institute to make slime that ultimately benefits mental health organizations. While Gen X may lovingly recall the gooey substance from Nickelodeon shows like You Can’t Do That On Television and Double Dare, it’s …

Wilma Archer feat. Amber Mark: Like a Hunger

Composer and songwriter Will Archer—formerly known as Slime but now producing music under the moniker Wilma Archer—has united with NYC vocalist Amber Mark for the soulful pop tune “Like a Hunger.” Archer’s first release in two years, the track addresses infatuation at its earliest stages: a summer crush just in time for the season. Mark’s vocals play along the instrumentals with both thought and charisma.