Leaf Pipe

Handmade by Toronto-based ceramic artist Julie Moon, this leaf-shaped pipe swirls with abstract patterns and subtle hues. Whether in use or on display, this pipe contributes a touch of whimsy.

Holiday Gift Guides 2021: Plant Medicine

From pre-rolls to microdosing lessons, tinctures and topicals, all kinds of present ideas for the cannabis and mushroom enthusiasts in your life

As longtime believers in the value of plant medicine, we’re continually heartened by the growing awareness and mainstreaming of the practice. From the broad adoption of cannabis to advancements in marijuana legalization, and more recent research around psychedelics (yes, we’re aware that mushrooms aren’t categorically plants), it’s clear that opportunities for wellness, enlightenment and fun are becoming more valued and better understood. As a result, …

African Violets Rolling Tray

From Bouqé—a cannabis-centric brand that’s dedicated to elevating the ritual of rolling and smoking—the African Violets Rolling Tray features the flower with the brand’s logo bursting through the blossoms. Indigenous to Tanzania and Kenya, the vibrant purple African Violet symbolizes modesty, devotion and love. It is deeply connected with feminine energy. Spiritually aligned with positivity, the flower presents the perfect motif for an enjoyable smoking …