The Globe in Bronze

From high design cannabis accessories brand Flora Nero—founded by Anna and Eli Peer—comes the Globe in Bronze, a chic implement that yields a smooth, luscious smoking experience. The Globe pairs an anodized aluminum base (featuring the brand’s signature texture) with smokey glass handblown by the artisans at Keep in Brooklyn. The set is completed by a hand-molded glass stopper with a matching anodized aluminum mouthpiece.

Pink Cones

These pleasing pink cones from Canna Style make lighting up a joint easy as well as stylish. Available in a pack of eight, they can be filled with herbs and then simply twisted off at the end. With a hot-pink metallic tip and slow-burning paper, they make for a smooth, laidback session.

Leaf Pipe

Handmade by Toronto-based ceramic artist Julie Moon, this leaf-shaped pipe swirls with abstract patterns and subtle hues. Whether in use or on display, this pipe contributes a touch of whimsy.