Contxts: SMS Business Cards

While old-fashioned business cards have their charm, it's a little surprising that a digital service like Contxts, an SMS-enabled way to share contact info, hasn't come along sooner. After entering info online, users can send their "text card" to mobile phones (or someone can request it) by texting the preset Contxt number. The new contact then receives the info and they're entered into a virtual …

Google SMS

read the instructions before sending your first search to the code 46645 (GOOGL).

SMS Chandelier

Nested somewhere between the techy opulence of the Vertu and the creative genius of Jenny Holzer comes Lolita the SMS enabled chandelier by Ron Arad. The piece is one from a series commissioned by Swarovski for the Milan Design Week. It consists of thousands of crystals and LEDs woven in to a stunning spiral display for whatever text message you send to it.