Incausa Incense

A social business experiment that supports indigenous people in Brazil and around the world

Lighting the thick, aromatic Breu resin sticks and Palo Santo wood offered by Brooklyn-based Incausa can transform the energy of a space in a few seconds, but learning the story behind the incense brand just might transform the way you live your life. “Incausa is a study in progress, about consciousness and sacred trade,” founder Vinicius Vieira de Vieira tells CH. “To find meaningfulness in …

Interview: Davis Smith of Cotopaxi

Inside the innovative social business combining global causes with outdoor gear that's built and designed to last


The desire to see the world, step outside one’s own boundaries and see how others live is human nature. Davis Smith, founder and CEO of socially conscious outdoor company Cotopaxi, spent much of his childhood outside his native US in developing countries around the world. Inspired to alleviate the poverty he saw and to give hope to those in dire circumstances, the serial entrepreneur turned …

The Bone Collection

Zimbabwean designer Vayshalee Naran gives the classic bracelet an anatomical twist

Designer Vayshalee Naran’s Bone Collection has made a potentially grim object—the rib bone—into a beautiful bracelet that weighs with meaning. As the delicate rib cage literally protects the heart (and lungs), Naran’s elegant bangle signifies love and protection. Anatomy has held a particular fascination for Naran, a third generation Zimbabwean of Indian descent. As someone who collected skeletons as a child growing up in Africa, …