Grand Cru Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Bridging the gap between liquid French refinement and spiritous Scottish prestige, Glenfiddich introduces Grand Cru, a permanent addition to their portfolio. The 23-year-old liquid finishes for up to six months in French cuvée casks from the Champagne region. Dark gold in color, the 80 proof whisky coats the mouth with lavish creaminess. It’s smooth from start to finish and imparts elegance along the way.

September Scotch: Aberlour A’bunadh Alba

A spirited sibling for one of Speyside's cult-favorite single malts

Aberlour may be the sixth best selling single malt worldwide (and number one in France) but its presence in the US lingers only in the Glencairn glasses of those who know of its grandeur. From their historic Speyside, Scotland distillery, a core range includes several delectable age statement whiskies and the beloved no age statement, cask-strength A’bunadh (pronounced a-boone-ack). This award-winning product—produced in carefully monitored …

Bethan Gray’s Design for The Glenlivet Winchester Collection Vintage 1967

Limited to 150 bottles, this collaboration pairs longstanding tradition and exquisite craftsmanship

There is an observable parallel between design craftsmanship and whisky-making. Both require years of dedication to master traditional skills. These, in turn, are put to use transforming humble materials into something of great value. This is encapsulated in Welsh designer Bethan Gray‘s exquisitely crafted bottle and display-case for The Glenlivet’s latest limited release: the 50-year-old Winchester Collection Vintage 1967. The launch of the unique and …