Play Two Padel Racket

For those interested in taking up the emerging global sport padel (a hybrid of tennis and squash), TWOTWO’s minimalist Play Two padel racket—developed by Swedish product designer Fredrik Magnusson—has a shape and construction that work to increase power and control. A signature heart-shaped design cuts vibration to lessen arm fatigue, a seven-degree curve optimizes smooth moves, non-aerodynamic edges improve swing and a 100% carbon frame supports power …

Gentemstick + YAMAtune Snowboard Socks

YAMAtune partnered with cult favorite Japanese snowboard brand Gentemstick (founded in 1998) to create the ideal socks for the mountain adventures. Whether split-boarding or snowboarding, these merino wool socks keep feet warm without overheating or hindering mobility. At mid-calf height, they are available as either round-toe or tabi socks. Price is in Yen.

Holiday Gift Guides 2019: Sportsball

Some of our favorite equipment, apparel and more for active people

As we all seem to spend more and more time at our desks and on our phones, the importance of getting outdoors and moving our bodies cannot be understated. From swimsuits to boxing gloves and skateboards, there are plenty of practical pieces available in our Sportsball Gift Guide. But we have included many other items, from notecards to magazines and books, to provide some (oftentimes …