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Underfuse Iron-On Reflective Strips

Make clothing highly visible at night, in just 30 seconds


Whether getting a pre-dawn run in before work or cycling home after a late night out, being on the road in the dark can be especially dangerous to anyone not traveling by car. And, while safety is of utmost importance, people often prefer to look stylish in their carefully-chosen sportswear than don a high-visibility vest. Now, Underfuse has developed a way to make any piece of activewear highly visible in low light, with its new Iron-On Reflective Strips. “Underfuse products are unique in that they provide a way to modify existing clothing to suit your active lifestyle,” company founder Tal Cohen tells CH. “They let you adapt clothing you already own and love so that they work better.”


Currently funding through Kickstarter, the reflective strips are made specifically to stick to popular sportswear materials with just 30 seconds of ironing. The strips are infused with polyurethane adhesive and finished with highly durable reflective coating, guaranteeing maximum brightness that can withstand heavy use. And, since they are affixed by the individual athlete, these strips accommodate specific needs based on activity, unlike sportswear with built-in visibility panels. “Runners may want reflective strips on the back of their legs and back, while cyclists may want them more prominently on their chest and back,” Cohen explains. It’s a quick and easy way to stay safe—no matter what time you get your sweat on.

Get a set of four Iron-On Strips when you donate $20 to the Underfuse Kickstarter campaign.

Images courtesy of Underfuse


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